About Us

HeritageWatch Hamilton is a group of concerned citizens who have formed to create a unified voice to advocate for built heritage in the City of Hamilton. We have formed a network to facilitate and enhance communication among the various groups and individuals involved with the preservation of our city’s built heritage.

We take action when a heritage building or street is endangered and work with the community and the municipal and provincial governments to ensure that the Ontario Heritage Act which was created to safeguard our historic legacy of architecture is utilized in the decision-making process.

HeritageWatch Hamilton strives to encourage our City’s decision-makers to preserve and protect its built heritage and to halt the trend of sacrificing our history and past accomplishments in the name of progress. We seek more creative solutions that bring past and future, heritage and development together in harmony while respecting the importance of both.

Our highest profile saves in recent years include:
The Lister Block
Auchmar Estate
Sandyford Place
18 – 28 King Street East

Our current challenge is the creation of a Gore Heritage Conservation District which would provide greater protection for all historic buildings in the Gore.